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I have a fan at work.. 😳

Okay, because Tumblr’s been so filled with hate and cruelty lately…


Reblog if you DON’T hate Steven Moffat. I don’t care if you like to critique his episodes or disagree with some of the things he does or like RTD better, but REBLOG IF YOU THINK THAT SENDING HIM HATE LIKE THAT IS DESPICABLE.

I love him!

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…and this weeks award for brilliant gif use….

I have been laughing at this for the past 5 minutes.

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The Imitation Game - UK teaser trailer

I’ve got goosebumps. Holy shit, this is going to be incredible.

I have been waiting for this for so long.. And it premieres on my birthday.. It looks like a real quality film and I hope they do Alan Turning justice

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So there’s a Japanese slang term, ‘chuunibyou’, that roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome.” It is used to describe the stupid phases people go through when they are 14, like pretend to be really hardcore, act like they know everything, say they have mystical powers, etc.

I’m so happy this term exists.

Swedes call it ‘fjortis’ meaning fourteen-ish

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made this last year based of this picture.

to lazy to make something this year, so i’ll just post the old one..

HAPPY 38th, Benedict



you never fully realize just how weird people are until you work a minimum wage costumer service job

Yesterday I watched a man drink an entire jar of pasta sauce like it was a smoothie.

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The amount of trust I put on a decent pencil sharpener is ridicules, not having on almost off me of drawing.. But my Freeman is coming along nicely now, though I have to do something with the eyes.. :/

part seven- Even Anderson gets some love


my society6



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I have always needed to know this!

I could stare at this forever and I still don’t get how it works.. Very hypnotic though..

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