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It’s not supposed to look good..I just wanted to doodle for a bit

Lazy evenings doodle.. Think I saw a photomanip that looked like this once..

Slowly going forward..

New project: Khal Drogo

A little late night doodle..

This ship give me so much joy

The skin that I made at gelaskins arrived today.. ๐Ÿ˜„

I have been thinking if I should make an account at society6 (how now that works) and try and sell some of my art.. But on the other hand, would anyone actually buy my stuff..?

Mind phallos-sherlock and John, were hit by Moriartys truck, does that mean they’re dead and it’s the end of parody:lock, or is it a classic Moftiss cliffhanger where everybody fake dies?

Did you fist me?

Second episode is up!!

Posting a WiP since it is taking forever to finish, my lack of motivation being the biggest problem.. And also that I don’t draw with colour normally and apparently the colours I need don’t exist.. Though it don’t really shows yet it is supposed to be Sherlock meet Wonderland